Saturday, October 31, 2009

little drawings

these are drawings that i made on large sheets of found paper, some were posters, some discarded figure drawings from other students, and some just random sheets. i made about 12 drawings on these papers and then decided they were not good enough so i cut them all up and now i have about 275 little drawings. here are some pictures of them...

drawing and my huge workspace

okay this is dumb! i put this back in after i accidentally
took it out and now it is here at the top.
india ink and collage

somehow all of these images are in the opposite order of what i wanted. Oh well. These are to show (at least as a start) what i've been working on here in Chicago. It is going really well, i am learning a ton and changing and growing. i'll put a comment with most of these so you can have a sense of what i'm doing.

This is sort of just for fun but a kind of

fence/cityscape... it isn't finished yet but i love

working with india ink (that is what i used

to make the varied black marks)

more india ink drawing, i was using an old

used up ballpoint pen dipped in the ink

to draw with. this particular one was drawn

from a figure model that was standing on a

square pedestal

this is a combination of india ink, collaged

brown paper with blue masking tape,

and latex house paint

more with latex paint, collage, ballpoint pen (blue and black),

pencil, and india ink

india ink, latex paint, blue ballpoint
india ink, latex paint, blue ballpoint, and pencil
india ink, latex paint, collage, and ballpoint pen
collage, india ink, and latex paint
all of these were drawn on found newsprint
paper. it is old and on its way to being crispy
so it looks good but it is really bad paper.
this is crayon, tape, red and black ballpoint all on
salvaged pizza box top
latex paint, collage, colored pencil, ballpoint, and crayon
on salvaged pizza box
this is the enormous space i have for keeping
my work and tools here at the school (can't
wait for gradschool and having a studio!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Chicago... a quicker update.

so since i am so far behind in telling the whole story i have to start now instead. but i'll put a video that Shauna made about our transition here so you can see our process in getting here.
sorry i'm not computerish enough to know how to have the video right here for you so there is a link to it.