Wednesday, May 25, 2011


graduate school is a large portion of work. it makes blogging a difficulty to say the least. right now it is a rainy day and i've been working on some email business arranging things for the coming days and weeks. earlier today Shauna and i went to an apartment a couple blocks away to see what a lower rent would get us (a much dirtier spot with a trip through some seriously puddle filled alleyway to get to a rusty laundry room) and so far we are happy to stay where we are. Shauna is loving her job and is getting more and more encouragement from her employer for a job well done. my second semester just ended and i am preparing for a really busy summer. going to Colorado to unload our storage unit, going to Italy to study old art with a class from school, hopefully going back to Colorado for a family reunion, opening a new show at Autumn Space, preparing for the Fall season at Autumn Space, and surely some other things that i don't know about right now. so that is the fast update... oh, the pictures are from a show that took place at Manifest Exhibitions (a basement gallery), they are details of the architecture of the space.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Autumn Space

days and months... so much time and work has passed. three parts to my life right now (at least in the most simple terms):
1. Shauna (my amazing bride/friend/encouragement)
2. school (i have three very different advisors this semester and my brain is full)
3. Autumn Space (a gallery that my friend Brad and i are running)
i am sorry that i haven't had more posts here over these first weeks of the semester. this will be a quick overview of what i am doing now. i have four "classes": a seminar with John Corbett that is half in class discussion and half in studio critique (3 hours each week), a critique class with Gaylen Gerber (6 hours of critique each week), advising with Chris Sullivan (an artist from the film/video/new media department who comes to my studio once every two weeks for 45 minutes to an hour), advising with Mark Booth (an artist and writer also comes to my studio every two weeks). Autumn Space is a contemporary art gallery ( and we have had four solo shows and one group show. our next show opens on March 19th. i have too many things in my head to lay them all out right now... would love any feedback on Autumn Space.