Sunday, October 10, 2010

my studio

this is a quick set of pictures to show what my studio looked like right after i moved in. all of the stuff was either at our apartment (thanks to Brad for helping me haul the apartment stuff down there!) or at the school in the painting racks (i was taking up 6 painting racks and two lockers). having space to spread out and look at the materials i've been collecting has been so awesome! i love having a studio!

million rectangles (V)

okay, i realize that it is taking me a ridiculous amount of time to get this whole process posted, but i think this is almost the end of the million project blog posts... one more is probably in order but almost done with them and ready to move on to what has been happening this first month of the semester (i type that as i realize i'm well into the second month of school already!!!). these pictures are from the last day of printing. Shauna came with me to school and took photos as well as video of this day.
the first plate is on the top of the cabinet and the parts that i cut off of the second plate are on the ground. a fun process with hammer and chisel to knock off the rectangles that i didn't need.
since the plates are based on a grid of 144 i needed a second plate with 80 of the rectangles off of it so i could print the last 64 rectangles. sixty four is such a small number! GRIN.
this is the plate after the excess was knocked off.
the plate after one inking and printing on one sheet of paper. i almost cried when i finished, it was very good to finish and even better because Shauna was there to share the day with me (she is the best helper i could ever imagine!)... i spose that is all that i need to say, i hope that one day all of you who are reading this blog have a chance to see finished project. (i will post one more post later that will show the "finished" piece)