Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Autumn Space

days and months... so much time and work has passed. three parts to my life right now (at least in the most simple terms):
1. Shauna (my amazing bride/friend/encouragement)
2. school (i have three very different advisors this semester and my brain is full)
3. Autumn Space (a gallery that my friend Brad and i are running)
i am sorry that i haven't had more posts here over these first weeks of the semester. this will be a quick overview of what i am doing now. i have four "classes": a seminar with John Corbett that is half in class discussion and half in studio critique (3 hours each week), a critique class with Gaylen Gerber (6 hours of critique each week), advising with Chris Sullivan (an artist from the film/video/new media department who comes to my studio once every two weeks for 45 minutes to an hour), advising with Mark Booth (an artist and writer also comes to my studio every two weeks). Autumn Space is a contemporary art gallery ( and we have had four solo shows and one group show. our next show opens on March 19th. i have too many things in my head to lay them all out right now... would love any feedback on Autumn Space.