Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Chicago... a brief history (the first part)

We moved to Chicago! It has been too long since i last wrote here, so i am going to work toward keeping this blog a little more up to date! i have many pictures that i need to post and that will be my next move (i'm at school right now and don't have my pictures to be able to post them) but until then i want to give an update as to our status. WE ARE LOVING LIVING IN CHICAGO!!! Since the eighteen hour drive out here with our spoiled cats and too much stuff in and on the car we have done so much~ we arrived in Racine WI where Shauna's sister *Dawn* (and her husband *Chris* and son *Paul*) lives and spent a couple nights with them. Next, we were off on a kind of camping trip (not really camping though becasue we stayed in a cabin with Shauna's parents) in northern Wisconsin at a place that was kind of like a lake but called a flowage. Really a cool place, with all kinds of little divisions in the water and it is pretty big too. i rode a skidoo (sp) for the first time and that was fun. One of the best parts was building a good fire and then being able to start the next night's fire with the remaining heat! After about a week there we went back to Racine where we stayed with Chris and Dawn for a few more days until we moved down to Chicago. On about the 13th or 14th of August we moved into our 345 square foot apartment with our cats and a borrowed air mattress from Chris and Dawn (as well as our carload of stuff!).