Thursday, April 15, 2010

the beginning of Max...

so Max arrived on a Friday night... i went down to the airport to meet him and we rode the train up to the "loop" where i was planning to get on the bus that stops right by our apartment. after walking around trying to find a bathroom, we finally got started waiting for the bus... i soon realized that the bus we were waiting for wasn't in service any more because it was too late. so we walked to the train station and before getting on i called Shauna and took this picture of the Chicago theater, it seemed to be a good marker of Max's visit.
after a weekend of fun: visiting the art institute, eating, playing games and watching movies we got to work on Monday. it really wasn't as smooth as i just described... we went to school and found out that there weren't any rooms that we could work in, so we had to get some panels to work on and bring them up to the apartment and work with the cats! i learn more and more all the time that being flexible and ready for change is the best thing for mental health. so we set out to make some collages and got started right away after getting back to the apartment (the panels that we worked on were panels that other students left behind after last semester).

two of the panels after we added some collage... that is about all we managed to do before we had a disagreement and debated how to move forward... Max didn't want to do any collage, so we agreed to cover over all we had done with a surface of newsprint and then draw on top of that. so after covering the six panels we had with us at the apartment we did some drawing on them and then called it a day.