Wednesday, May 25, 2011


graduate school is a large portion of work. it makes blogging a difficulty to say the least. right now it is a rainy day and i've been working on some email business arranging things for the coming days and weeks. earlier today Shauna and i went to an apartment a couple blocks away to see what a lower rent would get us (a much dirtier spot with a trip through some seriously puddle filled alleyway to get to a rusty laundry room) and so far we are happy to stay where we are. Shauna is loving her job and is getting more and more encouragement from her employer for a job well done. my second semester just ended and i am preparing for a really busy summer. going to Colorado to unload our storage unit, going to Italy to study old art with a class from school, hopefully going back to Colorado for a family reunion, opening a new show at Autumn Space, preparing for the Fall season at Autumn Space, and surely some other things that i don't know about right now. so that is the fast update... oh, the pictures are from a show that took place at Manifest Exhibitions (a basement gallery), they are details of the architecture of the space.