Tuesday, March 23, 2010

latest letterpress thing

i'm working on an instruction manual for making a million prints.... this is what some of the type looks like after i set it getting it ready for lockup (that is what it is called when the type is put into the bed of the press just before printing).

i've set each word seperately so i can easily move them when i'm printing.
these are for the title so they don't need to move so i set them multiple words at a time.
some of the printing (this is just a test of how the words will look on the page)
the title page.
trying to dry the ink more quickly by hanging the print by the fan.
after the print was mostly dry i folded and bound the book.

sorry these were all sideways, for some reason they didn't transfer very well.

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St.Clair said...

hey big g
I've really been loving seeing all these processes, photos and stuff. really makes me want to print again. would love to learn the letterpress thang. keep it up