Wednesday, January 13, 2010

some food over the last week or so

somehow, this week has turned into a reall interesting week in relationship to food and eating. first i'll tell you about yesterday.... Tuesday is Shauna's day off, so we went to the museum of science and industry (because it is free on week days this month). prior to our trip we stopped in at Rick Bayless' newest restaurant "XOCO" and had some really wonderful sandwiches and drinking chocolate. we split our two sandwiches so we could each enjoy the most flavor. Shauna ordered the "Cubana" made of smoked pork loin and bacon, black beans, avacado, artisan jack cheese, chipotle mustard.... yum! and i ordered the "Choriqueso" made of homemade chorizo sausage, roasted pablanos, artisan jack cheese, tomatillo salsa... also yum! we also each had a nice cup of fresh ground chocolate in whole milk with dulce de leche!

the other adventure of the week was a joint restaurant trip with our friends Brad and Cassia. the day that i finished my portfolios and my purpose statement (Shauna helped me a great deal in getting my purpose statement polished and ready to submit, it turned out really nice) we all went down to Chinatown to a Chinese restaurant called "Lao Sze Chuan"... the menu was vast! probably about 300 things to choose from. and it had a fun typo "noosle soup & fried ricc"
i was too excited by the food to take photos when the plates were full, but here are some leftover kind of photos (including the stains). we ate the following: Salt and Pepper Three Delight (Shrimp, Scallop, Squid), Chef's Special Crispy Duck, Stew Rabbit Home Style, Garlic Pea Pod Leafs, and one other that i can't find in the menu, but it was really really tasty dinner!

the very last thing i have to share is a special meal that i ate all alone... i was walking home from the bank and noticed a paper bag from Chipotle on the sidewalk. it seemed to be a bag of chips. i walked past but when i made it to the corner i rounded the corner and then peaked back at the bag to see if there was anyone watching. nobody was there, so i quickly walked back and grabbed the bag, it also had salsa and guacamole (YAY)! i took it home and enjoyed a tasty feast of chips and salsa and guacamole! FREE is my favorite price for food!


Anonymous said...

what a pig!

ha ha ha

I would do the same thing...


Dale said...

mmmmm! the cubana. very nice.

Shauna Hunter said...

I love you . . . you are gross:)

Tony said...

I can't believe you ate those chips. See a doctor and get that strange sore at the corner of your mouth checked out.

And when he asks you what the crap you were doing eating food found on the street, just tell him gleefully:

"It was free! Yay!"

Anonymous said...

Free is good. I am salivating over those sandwiches though. Speaking of food, one of jacqui and my friends has told someone she could eat 50 hot dogs (no buns) in one sitting. So I am helping her "train" to prove it. I hope you have a good pair of eating pants for when we can come visit.

Anonymous said...

If I get to come to Chicago, let's have some eating adventures; but maybe not the sidewalk kind. You make me smile! =)


seth said...

i'll work on the eating pants Patrick... though i'm a little scared that you are gonna be much better prepared than i. i hope that all of you come visit and have some eating adventures with us!