Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back to school

i'm finally back to it and i don't think i could be happier with the semester i have ahead! i'm taking an awesome class with a pretty famous painter who only teaches one semester a year (Gaylen Gerber) and that is going to be a really great opportunity to learn how to talk about my work like an articulate character. my second class is a letterpress class, i've gotta learn as much as i can about it so when i have access to my type collection from UNC i'll really know what i'm doing. my third class is a repeat of last semester an abstract drawing class. so this post is the first day of my drawing class, we went into the museum and drew from four paintings by an Italian painter named Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. these are my sketches from his paintings (the point being to abstract his painting to make something of my own)
i focused mostly on the fabric in the paintings and drew with pencil, pen, and crayon (oh, and some of my favorite parts i worked on smearing with an eraser)

this one is my favorite:

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danYelle said...

Nice! and very abstract, i like how you bridge across pages and also your choice of mediums. your classes sound like a fun load!