Wednesday, November 24, 2010

studio life and changes part 1

turning the studio into my own place. once i moved in it was a matter of organizing my collection of stuff so i could really get to work.
the pile of wood in the corner is hardwood flooring that i found in a dumpster behind our apartment a couple months before the semester started... i found it after realizing that i wanted to have a floor in my studio to record my activity these two years of graduate school.
Shauna came to the studio and helped me clean up the flooring and then installed it. the cleaning and installation took quite a while....

i soon realized that there wasn't enough floor to fill the studio. even without the whole studio filled i thought that i could use a half floor (kind of divide the space into work space and show space)
i attached the outside edge of the floor and while i was in class Shauna cleaned it and oiled it. a beautiful floor ready to be used.
the floor being put to good use with a heavy stack of paper on it.

i decided to put up a drape of two old paintings to cover up my collection of junk and show the million rectangles.
back to work again


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing it all...Lisa

Dale said...

That Shauna lady, yep, you're lucky you have her around.

I must say, you've taught me mucho. Art is in your heart. That rhymes. I relish your art. You see things from a twisted perspective. Stuff that is common becomes uncommon, and stuff that is ugly becomes beautiful. I admire that and I admire your pursuit of improving that skill with passion.

You're cool.

Love you, too.