Wednesday, November 24, 2010

studio life and changes part 2

i wanted to build a wall so i needed to trim the floor.
building the wall
installing the wall
finishing the wall
the detachable portion of the wall is three feet wide, used to fill a four foot space and allow a twelve inch gap to slip behind the wall
the finished wall section with the detachable part leaning to the left
shot of installation for open studio event
the twelve inch gap is on the right side of the photo
this is the view from the alley where i had found my hardwood flooring... the tallest building with the fire escape is our apartment building from the back
i found another load of flooring recently (i can actually finish my floor and have a full floor instead of a half floor)
also found some nice old 2x4s and 2x2s that are actually 2x4 and 2x2 (i love old building materials!)

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Dale said...

I'm trying to imagine who has walked on your floor. Were they famous? Barefoot? Did they sleep on the floor? Did they have a cat, or a pet snake? What are they standing on now? What was the fellas name who shaped those floorboards when they were new? Or the fella who installed them first? How much did he get paid? Did he take the scraps home and cover the floor of his bathroom with them? What did all of those people want to be?
It's a nice floor, Seth. It's a nice studio, too. You're cool. Weird, but in a cool way.