Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new stuff from drawing class

this is a more in depth study from the drawings i made from the Tiepolo paintings
and another
and a third
this is a drawing made from two sheets of paper taped together, each of them had some work on them when i acquired them, but i have obliterated what was there and added my own flavor to them. the top section is about some drawing that i've been doing for a while now (sort of about floating objects, they kind of harken back to the floating cinder blocks that i talked about a while ago.)
this was a fun process oriented drawing made by pouring ink onto the paper and then moving it around by tipping the page.
this and the following three are all close up photos of a drawing that i'm not very happy with yet, but it looks pretty nice as a landscape sort of thing

this last one really reminds me of the weather here some days, grey and snowy, but wonderful!

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Brian said...

These are awesome. I really dig the contrast and texture in the last four. I also like the two sheets that were taped together. Something humorous and playful about the top half. Maybe its just me, I don't know.
I like it though.