Saturday, February 27, 2010

the project.................................................!

well, i've been waiting for the right time to mention this project, but it is kind of silly for me to wait. it is especially silly because of how i came to undertake this project. in my painting studio called "Conceptual Approach" taught by Gaylen Gerber, i started the semester by talking about my work up to this point. at a certain point Gaylen asked me what i wanted to do this semester and i wasn't really sure, so he asked what would make me really happy to have accomplished this semester... after a little thought (he had already made it clear to all of us in the class that we better know what we really want because he was going to hold us to it) i said that i would love to have my "million print project" done but i couldn't get it done in one semester. "why not?" he asked and all of my reasons to not do it were not convincing enough. the challenge was laid down and i had a week to decide if i wanted to make a million prints this semester! half way through the week i decided that i had to do it. so now i am well into the process of making this project a reality. it is probably the dumbest project i've ever started but part of its dumbness makes it kind of smart. i'm laughing as i write this because it isn't really based on logic, but much more on romance and the beauty of the "impossible" and i realize how silly what i just wrote sounds. i'm not sure that i really need to say too much more right now (i will be posting more on this as i go) except that "i'm sorry" to Dale and Michael because our collaborative plans are going to change (but only change not go away). okay, i'm guessing that this really convoluted blog post is probably just confusing so i'll stop for now and let some pictures of my planning drawings tell a little bit of the story:

those don't seem that helpful but i'll keep posting as i work.


Anonymous said...

so your 7 year project turned into a 1 semester project? thats intense. . .

Shauna Hunter said...

It's your fault Patrick . . . you got him started on this "million" business:) Miss you guys!