Thursday, June 24, 2010

another day in the studio

got back to the work, we were able to work in a classroom that Judith Geichman was teaching in, she was very generous allowing us to work there. we added a third large panel so we had a total of 9 pieces we were working on, 3 small, 3 medium, 3 large.

we crammed ourselves into the corner of the room

Max got right to work

we decided that we add a subject that we agreed on... i was to add stacks (simple boxes stacked on each other) and Max was adding corners... there was a need somehow to add something literal.

a corner added to the grid

a stack added to an angular curly plant form

another stack

plastic filled with ink and stapled to the grid, allowed to drip on the third large panel

an interesting grouping

it was a productive day in the studio, adding more layers and coming to a place we were happy with the work.


Patrick said...

I like these.

Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for taking time to document your progress with's sure fun to be part of your art-ness from afar. i like what comes out when you and max collaborate...i like the diversity in the different spaces, and i like how the whole grouping looks together.

you should offer collaborative-art-therapy to help pay for grad school. i would love to come...but only if you offer scholarships. darn!

someday, we really DO want to come visit and see all the amazingness you've found in chicago, and especially to see where your art has been going. we love you guys!