Thursday, June 24, 2010

overview before the details.

i've been adding pictures to our harddrive thinking about all the things that i should be talking about here. it has been so long i don't know if i know how to make a blog any more. i figure it is worth my time to revisit the time when Max was here to show the process we went through, and what kind of things we learned together. i have a second finished book (second of the semester that is) that turned out decent. my printmaking adventure to make a million has changed some but i'm deep in the process, at this point just past the half way mark so that means over 500,000 rectangles printed!!! it is a big number, i am learning as i go how enormous 1,000,000 really is. since the semester ended i have been printing most of the time with a trip to AZ for a week in the middle of it all, and now i'm in the middle of a forced break, the studio that i have been using for my printing was needed for a summer class for three weeks, so i had to stop for now. been reading some good things, a book on conceptual art "Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art?" a more classic kind of look at art in general "What is Art?" by Leo Tolstoy (i'm half way through but needed a break from it (he sort of makes me hate art! GRIN)) and a survey book "Art Movements Since 1945". Shauna and i celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, decided to not travel but exchanged gifts instead this time (i gave her two Saphire eternity bands, and she gave me a nice watch... both resultant of her working at a jewelry store) and out for a nice steak dinner. suppose that is the overview, i'll be adding the details in the following posts, thanks to all of you who read these posts!

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Tony said...

Thank you Seth! Happy anniversary! i miss you.