Thursday, June 24, 2010

s'mother things we did

after a good day of work, we met up with Shauna and went out to dinner at Smoque BBQ. these are the record of our waiting for buses (plus one or two on the bus)

Max and Shauna fighting

Shauna thought it was quite funny

Max did too

ooh, right in the face!

looks like Shauna hurt her wrist

her foot seems to be working just fine though

Max dances while Shauna kicks him

Shauna was mad at Max

then they both laughed


me and my nephew

it is taking a long time for the bus to get here

maybe we should fight


Max with a big red hand above his head

on the bus and almost home

1 comment:

Tony said...

I looked at all the pics then, scolled down them quickly- it almost looked like a disjuncted movie. It was interesting. I feel like i was there...sort of. Thanks.