Thursday, June 24, 2010

getting back to Max

so to pick up around the place i left off with the project that Max and i did... we ended up covering over some collage work we had done, Max was fed up with it and it wasn't working for him so we dropped it and covered all the panels we had at the apartment with newsprint and some ink drawing. our first day at the school looked something like this at the beginning:

the larger panels are panels that i salvaged when they were going to be thrown out. we decided the first thing we needed to do was cover over what we had at that point and start fresh. so out came the white paint and we cut loose on the whole group (the group being 3 small panels, 3 medium panels, and 2 larger panels)
thankfully, my drawing teacher Judith Geichman was nice enough to let us take up a corner of the room and make a mess, she was also very helpful in facilitating discussion between Max and me when we were stuck.
Max brushing on the white
some glue dripping from the front of a piece of fabric we had used to cover one of the panels.
the whole panel (thanks to Shauna for the fabric, i did the laundry and ruined (shrunk) this shirt so she let me have it, it worked really well as a covering stapled to a panel!!!)
we decided to put patterns on all of them, each doing half of them, then we would trade and do more work in response to what each other had done (that was an awful sentence, hopefully it still conveys what i'm trying to... if not, just look at the pictures, they really tell the story for me)
Max really liked using India ink (we ended up picking some up for him at an art supply store, it was his souvenir), you can see his sketch (on brown paper) of the pattern he was going to put on the panel in his lap.
a larger panel that i put a pattern on, i love to get my hand into the work (thus the smearing in the upper left) and sometimes i get a little too agressive, i ended up peeling some of the skin on my knuckle (sort of felt like nails on a chalkboard to move the charcoal and paint around on the board).
i really like rulers, so this picture had to be taken.
the process of pattern happening
another pattern of mine
after Max finished his pattern, it looked like this
another one that i made
the whole group layed out after we had the patterns on them
another arrangement after we traded panels, reworking them, trying to make em better.
clearing away some of the curly curls
defining a little more clearly the boundry between black and white
covering over somethings
so this is the first studio day... we had a great day... learned much... argued much... smiled much... i'm excited for the next time we can work together, we get better at it every time! i have a few other posts to get all of Max's visit out so those will happen soon!

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