Saturday, February 27, 2010

the other blog...

hi, i've already posted a few new things today but i wanted to let you all know that i am working on a collaborative blog with my friend Brad and we would love to have you look at it and give us any feedback you want to. the address is:

the project.................................................!

well, i've been waiting for the right time to mention this project, but it is kind of silly for me to wait. it is especially silly because of how i came to undertake this project. in my painting studio called "Conceptual Approach" taught by Gaylen Gerber, i started the semester by talking about my work up to this point. at a certain point Gaylen asked me what i wanted to do this semester and i wasn't really sure, so he asked what would make me really happy to have accomplished this semester... after a little thought (he had already made it clear to all of us in the class that we better know what we really want because he was going to hold us to it) i said that i would love to have my "million print project" done but i couldn't get it done in one semester. "why not?" he asked and all of my reasons to not do it were not convincing enough. the challenge was laid down and i had a week to decide if i wanted to make a million prints this semester! half way through the week i decided that i had to do it. so now i am well into the process of making this project a reality. it is probably the dumbest project i've ever started but part of its dumbness makes it kind of smart. i'm laughing as i write this because it isn't really based on logic, but much more on romance and the beauty of the "impossible" and i realize how silly what i just wrote sounds. i'm not sure that i really need to say too much more right now (i will be posting more on this as i go) except that "i'm sorry" to Dale and Michael because our collaborative plans are going to change (but only change not go away). okay, i'm guessing that this really convoluted blog post is probably just confusing so i'll stop for now and let some pictures of my planning drawings tell a little bit of the story:

those don't seem that helpful but i'll keep posting as i work.

graduate school

most of the waiting is over, or at least most of the not knowing. i've been accepted to graduate school to earn my MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago! the Ceramics department has accepted me based on a portfolio of 20 images (only ten of them are pictures of clay related things!), two letters of recommendation, and one purpose statement. it is quite a relief in that i don't have to wonder if i am going to get my MFA from SAIC, now i am waiting for one more letter from the Printmedia department and after my interview next Saturday a letter from Painting and Drawing. i would love to be in the Painting and Drawing department but ultimately it doesn't matter too much because SAIC is so interdisciplinary. thanks to all of you who have supported Shauna and me in this adventure, it is shaping up in wonderful and exciting ways!

i'm in love

i suppose that everyone who is reading this blog already knows that i've been married for almost five years now... i was looking through some pictures trying to figure out what i wanted to post here today and this picture of me and my sweet bride just caught my eye. Shauna is an amazing woman and i love her more than anyone! the last 1,743 days have been the best days of my life. she works so hard to make it possible for me to attend school full time (THANK YOU SHAUNA!
). anyway, i am totally in love with Shauna and i want everyone to know!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some pictures from the museum relating to floating objects and just some things that i really like even though i haven't mentioned them before or thou

ght about their relationship to my work or the tethered cinder blocks and floating shapes i really want to make some copies of these in clay probably porcelain

new stuff from drawing class

this is a more in depth study from the drawings i made from the Tiepolo paintings
and another
and a third
this is a drawing made from two sheets of paper taped together, each of them had some work on them when i acquired them, but i have obliterated what was there and added my own flavor to them. the top section is about some drawing that i've been doing for a while now (sort of about floating objects, they kind of harken back to the floating cinder blocks that i talked about a while ago.)
this was a fun process oriented drawing made by pouring ink onto the paper and then moving it around by tipping the page.
this and the following three are all close up photos of a drawing that i'm not very happy with yet, but it looks pretty nice as a landscape sort of thing

this last one really reminds me of the weather here some days, grey and snowy, but wonderful!

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines in pictures

driven snow with some dirt and decay from the sun. the view from the train station.

some nice fabric folds from sculpture at the Art Institute
Willem DeKooning's "Excavation"
my favorite Barnett Newman painting (the frame was made by Jackson Pollock)
another DeKooning with Shauna's head
Lucio Fontana's painting with holes ripped in the surface (it is supposed to be that way)
a great Franz Klein piece also with Shauna's head
an earlier DeKooning with Shauna
Robert Rauschenberg

and last a piece by Richard Rezac in cast iron and dyed silk


so, metal or wooden type arranged in the "bed" of a printing press gets a layer of ink applied to the surface and is then a piece of paper is pressed against the type to leave an inked impression in the paper... such a simple process, but oh so beautiful! i am in a letterpress class now and learning all i can about the letterpress printing process. just today i finally got to see a really nice impression and learn how to correctly run a Vandercook proof press. the best way to make a great print is to start with the right paper:
this is the watermark of some nice 100 percent cotton paper that i used for the "real" print of a layout that was a sort of class collaboration
i made at the top of the page. these are called "cognate anagrams" which means: "the letters of a word or phrase are transposed to form another word or phrase which redefines, or is closely related in meaning to, the original." as defined in a handout from my teacher. this second sheet is just on crappy newsprint but it is actually the first two prints of the layout i made... two because we made the first impression and then later were asked to print it again on top of what we had printed to see if our registration was good (registration is how the text is aligned when printing multiple times (this is important when printing multiple colors)), i used this sheet to record the names of the fonts that were used
this is just a shot of one of the anagrams that used a really nice couple of fonts and unfortunately i don't know which fonts they are right now.
this is the back of the paper which shows very nicely the "punch" of the type (i'm sure you can guess what punch means. GRIN)
this is the anagram that i chose to set in type
from another angle that starts to show the beauty of letterpress

a better angle that shows how the letters are pressed into the paper. i'm very excited to keep you updated as to the progress of this class.