Thursday, June 24, 2010

our pants

not sure if this really qualifies as a worthwhile post... but i'm doing it anyway. working in the studio often causes problems with clothes, it makes them stained, spotted, scraped, and slashed. this first picture is of my jeans, they came from a dumpster in Greeley and have continued to serve me well for about two years (i found them along with two other pairs and a pair of shorts which have all come in handy). the ink stain came from carrying an uncovered container of ink and some other things from one place to another at the school and forgetting that the ink could spill.

Max has some nicer jeans that only have drawing and some wear and tear to make them scruffy. i guess that i think of my work pants as a sign that i am working... sometimes if they aren't changing very quickly it bothers me and makes me think that i need to work harder. other times i think of discarding them so i can wear some newer pants and be very careful not to get them dirty... i don't think that is going to happen. grin.

another day in the studio

got back to the work, we were able to work in a classroom that Judith Geichman was teaching in, she was very generous allowing us to work there. we added a third large panel so we had a total of 9 pieces we were working on, 3 small, 3 medium, 3 large.

we crammed ourselves into the corner of the room

Max got right to work

we decided that we add a subject that we agreed on... i was to add stacks (simple boxes stacked on each other) and Max was adding corners... there was a need somehow to add something literal.

a corner added to the grid

a stack added to an angular curly plant form

another stack

plastic filled with ink and stapled to the grid, allowed to drip on the third large panel

an interesting grouping

it was a productive day in the studio, adding more layers and coming to a place we were happy with the work.

s'mother things we did

after a good day of work, we met up with Shauna and went out to dinner at Smoque BBQ. these are the record of our waiting for buses (plus one or two on the bus)

Max and Shauna fighting

Shauna thought it was quite funny

Max did too

ooh, right in the face!

looks like Shauna hurt her wrist

her foot seems to be working just fine though

Max dances while Shauna kicks him

Shauna was mad at Max

then they both laughed


me and my nephew

it is taking a long time for the bus to get here

maybe we should fight


Max with a big red hand above his head

on the bus and almost home