Saturday, November 28, 2009

my put together take apart project

this project is one that i started at the beginning of the semester, i made drawings and then started cutting them up. after cutting them up i put some of them back together again and drew on them some more (i kept some from the first cut up as succesful finished drawings that are about 3x6 inches each) this picture is the first reassembly after i drew and painted on it more.
next i started cutting it all apart again
after cutting it apart i realized that there were some interesting things happening on the strips of paper that were left (i had attached all the pieces to some brown paper and then i took them all off) and some of these strips are still on display in a case at school... they are a nice byproduct
these last images are from the latest and last version of this project ("last" meaning the last time i will put the individual pieces together to draw on them.) next i will attach all of the individual pieces to plywood and coat them with varnish.


St.Clair said...

ever thought of buying em ready made!??!(perish the thought). I'm really excited to read about all your artscapdes, and especially to see some piccies. keep up the good work. hey theres a new programme on tv that i thought you might like, its called School of Saatchi (famous art collector in london). its an art competition (and hence is full of typical tv naffness)(not to mention the annoying tracey emin) but is about young student artists trying to get recognised and is interesting nonetheless. dunno if you can watch it on the internet when your in a different country, but here's the link

more lata

Anonymous said...

I miss being able to watch these projects as they are finished, I especially like the "in progress" shots.