Monday, November 30, 2009

s'mother pictures to see

well, it is Monday and since i had some time i thought it a good idea to make another post... maybe since i will be getting much busier in the next few weeks it makes sense to do some extra bloggering now while i can. so here are some pictures i thought you might like to see. this first picture is a close up of the project that i talked about recently, i think that it is pretty nice as it stands (and it is kind of fun that this image only exists as a photograph now since i cut it apart)
one day when Shauna came to visit me on a Tuesday we were walking around downtown near the school and in one of the windows was this view (made me want to make some sculptures that are about these forms, i really like the repetition and that they are made of wood)
one of our favorite restaurants... is called "Smoque" and has been featured on the TV show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives". these are my leftovers. ribs, mac and cheese, brisket, and a tasty bag of french fries (you can tell they are good by the formerly opaque but currently transparent paper bag!!!)
a stained wall that is under Columbus Drive (well i figure there is an official name for what i am about to describe but i don't know that word): there are some places in Chicago where there are roads under other roads and that is the case where i took this picture.
also from Columbus Drive under Columbus Drive
and another one (i really like the stains muchly!!!!)
this is from the only time i have seen the bridges up. there were some sailboats that were going up the river from the lake and so they had to raise the bridges to fit through (those guys must have some money or something, i can't imagine being allowed to bring my boat (if i had one) through and disrupt traffic on Michigan Avenue for fifteen or twenty minutes in the middle of the day. hmmmm.
this is the view of a place that is under construction on one of the school buildings, i love the way that the plastic is so blue looking (i think it is reflected light from the sky)
this picture is just for my Momma, this ceramic piece is in the collection of the Art Institute and is very interesting indeed... i think my Mom might like to have one of these (since she likes nice ceramic pieces)... oh wait, she already has one because she found one at a garage sale in Colorado! Mom, you are the best Mom (and you are a pretty good "garbage" saler too!)
this last one is also a picture from the Art Institute collection, it is a Joan Mitchell painting that i think is my favorite painting in the museum (though, not because it is abstract expressionism). it gets better and better everytime i look at it i'm going to make a painting that is inspired by studying this painting (the painting at the start of this blog entry is the closest i have come to making something inspired by Joan Mitchell)


Anonymous said...

I love that project Seth! Lisa

Anonymous said...

That food looked delicious. I have been enjoying reading through your blog. Can't wait to see you next time you are home. until later,