Saturday, November 14, 2009

some pictures of my new project... sounds small but it isn't

early in the semester i bought ten yards of canvas (6ft tall) and started thinking about painting on canvas. much of what i do is to find materials so this was going to be a new experience. i put the canvas roll in my painting rack and just let it sit there, piling all kinds of paintings and other supplies on it. last week in my painting class, Shauna came to visit! yay! so after botching a painting/drawing of her i was working on some other things and asked my teacher to look at some photos i had of the work i've shown here in this blog and earlier things from Colorado. he told me that i should make some of the paintings that i have done on small wood panels into larger paintings (sort of using the smaller paintings as sketches. so yesterday i spent about an hour and a half hanging my roll of canvas on a wall using thumbtacks, and then spent another three hours fifteen minutes putting gesso on (just the first coat and i didn't even finish gessoing until today after another hour and a half!). now i need to do one or two more coats of gesso before i start painting! tommorrow... will be busy!

this last photo is of the 20 ft mark (i've devided the canvas into three parts but i might turn it into one big painting) and some pen marks i made to know where the edges of the painting will be once it is stretched (if i stretch it)... lots of questions not answers yet.

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