Monday, November 2, 2009

some things from painting...

this is a series of images of paintings that i've been working on. some of them are finished and some are not, i'll try to give a sense of each one so you have a reference as to the process or at least whether or not it is done.
painted on a found board that has a glossy finish so the watered down latex didn't stick well and made a real nice texture! the map is a found paper from the trash.
okay, so this is the format (landscape position) that i intended for all of these but they didn't come out that way. so this series was painted on a salvaged piece of plywood and then cut apart. the image on these is from my sketchbook but i plan to paint over it, the representational things just isn't working in these. it is supposed to be a table with a stack of prints on it. these 9 will be worked on quite a bit more

now these were painted in a similar way... i painted the 6 here on one board and then cut them apart. i think most or all of them are done, again these should be viewed horizontally not vertically... or maybe i should change my mind

this is painted and collage and ink on a board that Shauna salvaged for me from her work. it was covered with fake leather that i peeled off and then worked on the board
this is plain brown paper wrapped around another drawing then wrapped in wire and slathered with white paint
found (i think top to a sewing machine table) board with latex paint (i have a story about this for later)
this is paint and found paper on umbrella fabric that i removed from an umbrella that i found in the trash. there are tons of them that get thrown away this time of year, ruined by the wind

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