Friday, November 20, 2009

no pictures...

okay, so i don't have any new pictures right now but i think that i have somethings to say... i'm at school right now and just out of art history lecture. i'm in the process of hanging my really big canvas back up and i feel stuck. not sure if i should rehang it or just figure out a way to stretch the three pieces of canvas so i have something that is less work in the long run. it is logical to make it as easy as possible, but i am struggling with putting it on stretchers because then it is kind of finished and not easy to roll up and store. plus i am thinking about how i will paint on these and what that is about. not that i have to have the end in sight but i'm still struggling with the ideas in these paintings i've been doing. today in class we learned about an artist that is really concerned with ideas and works to make the ideas come through. right now i am trying to figure out how to make the ideas that i have come through in a poetic way and not a heavyhanded "i know what i'm saying and you need to know it too!" kind of way. there is an art sale on campus right now and it is interesting to see so many students trying to sell the things they have made with varying degrees of success. i inevitably compare the sale here to the print and ceramic sales at UNC and it is quite different here (rather than a team effort, here it is more like everyone for themselves so there is quite a variety of approaches to selling). i'm hoping to take part in the spring sale next year, though i don't know what kind of things i will be making to sell. i realize that this post is all over the place and i hope that doesn't make it impossible to read, but these things in my head needed to be out. thanks to all of you who are concerned about Shauna and me and are wanting to know what we are up to! we love you all!

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