Sunday, November 1, 2009

work study... ceramics studio

This is a series of photos showing the ceramics studio at SAIC, it is where i am doing my work study to earn a little of what i'm spending on tuition. Plus i wanted to show Mike (my ceramics teacher at UNC) what the facilities here are like.
These are large electric kilns (all of the kilns are indoors!)
a tall kiln that i could probably stand up in
a few of the other gas kilns
very narrow hallway and storage for undergrads plus wedging tables
the throwing room, there are wheels on the opposite side of the table but someone was there and i didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable taking a picture
handbuilding room
the place where i spend most of my time, mixing clay in big peter pugger mixers... i can mix about 50 or 60 pounds of clay at a time. Most mondays i mix about 800 or 1000 pounds, unless i am grinding kiln shelves so undergrads can let there glaze run onto them. GRIN!

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