Saturday, December 5, 2009

another story...

as you know i've been working on some really small "drawings" for most of the semester. i am finished with the "drawing" part and now i'm moving on to how they will be displayed. i intend to either mount them to wood or frame them. so either way i have been needing to crop them all to the same dimensions. getting them to all be the same dimensions has been on my mind for a while and i have been planning to cut them to the same dimensions after mounting them to wood so i am just cutting once. but recently God made something else work much better! i couldn't have planned it this way if i wanted to. there is a small exchange area at school called "surplus" that is open for a few hours each week. one day when i was walking past i realized that there was a cool old paper cutter in there!
i've wanted to have one of my own for a long time and now i could get my hands on one for free!! so as you can see from the above picture i got it and realized it was the perfect tool for cropping my drawings!
this is the last drawing that i had to crop just before i cut it.
these are stacks of the drawings (i think there are about 270) they are each about 5 7/8 inches by 2 3/4 inches

and these are the beautiful remnants that make me want to make a new drawing out of them!

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Dale said...

I like this the most. You, and remnants, make me happy. Sorry, gushing a bit here. Hooray for free paper cutters, just in the *nick* of time. Hooray for colorful remnants that make their own place in the inspirational confluence. Hooray for eyes to see, beyond what is seen.