Monday, December 7, 2009

how some little paintings are changing...

so these are some that i showed earlier but i have changed them quite a bit because they weren't working as they should. these first couple are the beginning changes and you can see next to the panels there is a larger painting that i had done earlier that day and really liked so i had to paint it more and more, now i'm still liking them and will probably do many more for a while
this is what the panels looked like before i painted them gray
all painted grey with one finished cinder block painting
this was a few days after painting them grey, Shauna came to visit and took some pictures while i was working. (i was showing Shauna one of the brushes that i have found in the trash this semester.)
off to work.
look how great my posture is!
this is in the middle of the process as i drew the layout of each of the paintings (the pink ruler is from the end of Shauna's last semester as a teacher, one of her students left a pencil case with the ruler and many crayons and things. Shauna threw it away and i happened to find it and save it, one of the most used rulers i own!)
sorry this is sideways but you get the idea at least, i'll post some better pictures later when i finish all nine of them

this one you can see a preliminary drawing
and one other preliminary drawing
this is where they are as of right now, but most of them will change significantly from how they look now. i just wanted you to see this step along the way


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your artistic conquests very much. I admire your experimentation!

-Emily King

Anonymous said...

The girls and I went to our library today and found an art exhibit! It was free and it wasn't even Thursday! I think you would have liked it.


seth said...

hooray for library art exhibits that are free! i have done a few and hope to do many more. i'm really glad that you got to see somebody's work!

Tony said...

I really like this. The monochromatic deal is something I've never been good at- I start simple and then the color ends up exploding all other the dang place. Anyway- It's really inspiring- especially that first image. The one that is basically a silhouette- I love the simplicity of it. The negative space is strong.

Miss you bro.