Friday, December 18, 2009

one semester plus 16 hours

besides painting and drawing i had one print related class this semester (an artists book class about text and language.) for that class i decided to make a book that relates to a big project that is mostly in my head for now, to make a million prints. for that project i am using words (the 365 most used words in the English language) and so for my book project i decided to use the same 365 words. i used the list to make the first section of the book with the words in order from most used to least. to make the other four sections of the book, i made 365 numbered pieces of paper and put them in a bag. i chose the numbers until the bag was empty and used those numbers to determine the order of the words for the second section... then proceded to use those same numbers to break down the second list into the third and so on.
above is a picture of my post for 13 hours one day and 3 hours another day laying out the book and printing it
these are some of the sheets of the printed 24 page impositions
i decided to cut down the impositions before folding them (it makes for a nicer folding process when there aren't so many sheets to fold so many directions)
the five impositions of the first bound book
i printed five pages on full sheets to make them kind of poem posters


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