Saturday, December 12, 2009

three big paintings along the way

so i have started on my big paintings and they are starting to turn into something... here are some pictures of the process. these first three pictures are the first move i made on each canvas... not really having a specific pland just some influence of the sememster of my paintings and drawings.

next i came through with some pink and black and it really changed them... i think that the images speak for themselves.

so here they are finally getting tied together. i will put some more pictures up when they are finished.


Anonymous said...



Go! Go! Go!


Anonymous said...

Love it Seth!!!

Anonymous said...

cool. i was digging the white-and-yellow interaction on the left one before you added the black...specifically i liked the shape of the white space. and i like how it all turned out, so i guess i'm glad for the pictures so i can see both!