Monday, December 28, 2009

Chicagoville (or thirty new pictures)

a night when Shauna came to visit me, walking around the Art Institute had to take a picture of the building with the moon
the ceiling in the painting studio where i had my painting class
the first snow i encountered this season was on a Friday and looked really nice with this street lamp
a building near the school where there is some work being done to renovate, it caught my eye especially those great drips and the grime of the scene
more of the same place
and one more that is a close up of sorts
many of the street signs near where we live (and all over Chicago) have sticker grafitti on them
a pretty color from the bath tub. i took this picture as a reference for a color of paint i wanted to mix... haven't done anything with it quite yet but i will
the Michigan Avenue entrance to the Art Institute has these great decorative arches
the decay in some of the subway stations is so beautiful!!! i love it!
more decay and marks from workmen
and yet another view
this is a pretty paint stain from the floor of the painting studio (i didn't make it but i took the picture of it.. GRIN)
a picture of some of the Christmas lights that i saw while on the bus
from the bus station closest to our apartment
also from the train station, the view from where i wait for the train to go visit Shauna at work
one of my favorite walls on campus. i look at it almost everytime i go to the library because it is the view from the library window
the beautiful ceiling in a building on Michigan Avenue
more beautiful subway decay
mmmmmmm i love this one!
some Christmas colors amongst the decay
great ceiling in the subway
Welcome to Chicago's Chinatown (went down to lunch so i had to take some pictures before eating wonderful Chinese food)
pretty under the train (the stop at Chinatown the train isn't underground any more)
not sure if this picture is too cliche but i really like it
another view of those two buildings
one of the coolest buildings in Chicago, i think it makes me think of legos
our apartment building and a great line against a rich sky
Belmont shot from the train station toward our apartment

my favorite alley right behind our apartment, just a few days ago with the snow and dirt.

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Erin said...

These pictures are awesome! You can really find beauty anywhere...