Monday, December 7, 2009

eleven minutes

i am in the computer lab at school in the printmedia department and have a little bit of time before
i am going to work. this week is going to be especially interesting as far as work goes because for to
i am going to get to go to an artist's studio and prepare things that they are donating to the school i
i am trying too hard to make this all work with i am at the beginning of each line and now i changed the
i am font to the one that i like to use and it ruined the whole alignment so now it is no good.
i am running out of time to write something worth its weight and maybe worth its salt as well
i am somehow tired and excited and hungry and really ready for the week but i still have pause
i am a person who likes to make things from things (especially things that i find in the alley
i am tired of this format and i really better be on my way, work is calling and a beautiful snowy day

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you liked to make things out of nothing, that would make you God. =) But I understand - I love how you love re-using things and giving them a new life. Lisa