Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arizona (beans and cornbread)

my reason for going to Arizona wasn't really happy in the traditional sense... my Grandma (Bonita Hunter) had ended her stay here on the earth and is in Heaven with her Savior Jesus. so it was bittersweet, bitter because she was gone but sweet because i know where she is now. she was a wonderful woman (a model for many other women to look at and follow after) and the type of Grandma anyone would be blessed to have. when i arrived at the airport, my Dad was there and we were picked up by his brother my Uncle Tim. we arrived at Uncle Tim's house to the smell of freshly cooking beans and cornbread which was being prepared for services that were going to take place later that day. i got to take a small bowl of beans with me in the car when we left the house:
beans and cornbread was always one of the most important meals at Grandma and Grandpa's house. really it is comfort food and the most easily related to Grandma, the beans flavored by a nice piece of salt pork, and plenty of butter and honey for the cornbread! mmm. i am blessed to have known my Grandma and thankful that i can carry the beans and cornbread tradition on with my own family.

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