Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Judith's show

one of my favorite teachers so far has been my drawing teacher Judith Geichman. i had a class with her my first semester and decided to take a second one (the same class) again my second semester. she is a very good teacher and skilled painter/drawer/artist. in her class there was lots of good discussion and critique which is very helpful in the process of making art. many of the works on paper that are recorded in earlier blogs are the result of being in her class. during the Spring semester she had a show open at one of the local galleries and i was able to visit it three times... these photos don't really do the work justice, but you can get a sense of her style. the paintings are mostly quite large (about 8 feet tall). enjoy:


Brian said...

What gallery is this at?

seth said...

it was at Carrie Secrist.