Wednesday, August 4, 2010

floating paper

at a certain point while Max was visiting we were having a rough time coming up with a good way to proceed. after stewing for a while looking at our paintings we decided to go for a walk to the park and just look and think and talk. on the way we were walking (indoors between the school and museum) and we had some paper postcards that we had grabbed after looking in one of the school galleries. as we walked we passed some vents that were blowing cool air into the space, not sure which one of us started it but we were holding our paper above the vents and letting it get blown around... soon we were completely enthralled and attempting to get our paper to float as long as possible above the vents. folding and modifying the paper was quickly undertaken trying to get the best result. it was very fun and great for our brains. we realized that the kind of artwork that we wanted to make was artwork like our experience playing with the air. it was a beautiful realization. we went on to the park and discussed possible ways to move forward, but were just really excited about having a sense of wonder at simple things.
(found this picture from artist Harry Kao that gives a sense of what we experienced)

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Dale said...

That reminds me, I forgot to save the lady bug. He (she?) was flying around the light fixture in my bathroom yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work. I recognized him. He was there a few days earlier, as well, and I was surprised and saddened to find he was still hanging around that light. He was flying around with those weird, unconventional lady bug wings, trying to get to the light, which I'm sure means "outside" and freedom if you're a lady bug. I was sad for him, and pledged to capture him and release him outside as soon as I was finished with my morning primping. Meanwhile, he went around the edge of the mirror to hide in the shadow and think about an escape strategy. I kept thinking he must be very hungry after being in here for several days with nothing but dust and maybe a few toothpaste splashes to eat. I forgot. Until now, while reading your post. Now, I remember, and now I'm said for my little friend. Surely he has not survived. I'll look for him when I get home tonight with a glimmer of hope, and if I don't find him, I'll just conclude that he successfully escaped under his own power after the respite in the mirror's shadow. That will make me feel better. Let this be a lesson: don't make commitments to lady bugs that you won't keep.