Wednesday, August 4, 2010

art update

okay, i know that i've been talking mostly about life experience and there is some more of that to come but i have also been making art and thinking about art pretty much all the time. interestingly, (maybe) i don't have an image to go with this quick interim post. i have been working on my million rectangles almost exclusively this summer and things are going well, i have at this point printed 5,800 sheets of the 6,945 sheets that i will print to get to a million (there are 144 rectangles on each sheet) so that is about 745 pounds of paper printed and it is over four feet tall... it is kind of fun to leave those of you reading this in the dark for a while longer as far as showing images, i like describing the work with words for now. another project that i am planning is a honey project that would involve about 1,526 gallons of honey... (don't want to describe it too much right now, but the quantity should hint at what the project would be) and the third thing i'm working on (i say third even though i have probably ten other things after these three that are cycling through my head and keeping me busy thinking) is a series of wood sculptures that are troughs or variations on a trough theme. that is the quick update (sans images) just to whet your appitite.

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