Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omaha brewery art

so the next adventure after Max visiting was to drive to Omaha with Chris and Dawn and Paul (Shauna's sister and her family) for the wedding of Shauna's cousin Beth. (it was a very nice wedding and we had a great time seeing family) aside from all of the great times with family there was some opportunity to look at art and given that opportunity i seized it. the first art that i saw was in a brewery that we went to for lunch, it seemed as if the brewery owners were at least minor art collectors... so i took some pictures of some of the things in the place.
this first one is a photo piece that i thought kind of funny, not really that smart of an artwork but still fun (i think i liked it because of the repetition and the jackelope).
the other one that i was happy with was this kind of sculptural painting/assemblage. just a simple piece but very fun to look at and enjoy. i love wood, so seeing the wood grain and the various parts all assembled was what drew me to it.

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