Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gaylen's show

another favorite teacher of the year was Gaylen Gerber. he taught a class that was very conceptually based and is really the reason that i decided to finally go after my million project. he had a show in Milwaukee earlier this year and Shauna and i were able to borrow Brad and Cassia's car and drive up to see it. the space was small but really was utilized well, there were two panels one in an unlit room and one in a room lit by colored lights (you can get a sense of the color from the photos, but really it was much more potent in person.), the panels were silver leaf and some synthetic (might have been acrylic) so they were very reflective, there was a wall of windows that made the unlit space kind of interact with the outdoors. overall it was a very good show and i am thankful that we were able to see it.


Sarah said...

Cool! I would've loved to have seen this!

Anonymous said...

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