Wednesday, August 4, 2010

end of Max and spring break

so having Max come and visit was a grand thing! he is the only person from my side of the family that has been able to visit so it was awesome having him here. on the day before he left we had one last hurraw. we started the day with Brad at a coffee shop neat our apartment where we drank mugs of hot chocolate (some of the best in town (as far as i have explored anyway)) and talked about having an outdoor survival adventure next summer. a great way to start any day if you ask me. after that we went back to Brad's apartment and dropped him off so he could draw and we borrowed his car to go run errands in preparation for the rest of the day. we needed to go back to the apartment and pick up some things and so i risked the car and parked in a place i wasn't supposed to (a back alley behind our apartment) and we ran through the rain to get what we needed. next we were off to the grocery store to collect some various food items and beverages (cream soda and root beer) for the rest of the afternoon and evening. while at the grocery store we picked up some salty fried chicken items from the deli to have as a snack before going to Brad and Cassia's. after eating them and sharing a cream soda we were full:
once we got to Brad and Cassia's we started playing Settlers of Catan (a good strategy board game) and managed to finish one game before it was time to pick up Shauna. at last all five of us (Max, Shauna, Brad, Cassia, and i) were all together. our night of games began... it was a great way to end the last full day that Max had here, good friends, good games, good food (Cassia prepared a nice meal for us (i am having a hard time remembering what it was, pasta of some kind i think?)). next morning we got up a little late and once Max was packed up we headed down town and took him to Navy Pier for one last stop before heading home, it was very windy so we got to watch seagulls struggle against the wind and we got to be blown around too. some tasty ice cream for a last food item and then onto the bus and train to get to the airport. i was allowed to walk with Max to the gate and that ended our adventure. i learned a ton about working collaboratively with Max and i look forward to applying that to future collaborations. until next spring break!

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