Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arizona (some things i saw)

upon arriving in AZ the first thing i photographed was the classic (at least to me) look of Arizona, plus there was some kind of mark on the car window that i was shooting through so it looks like a plume of dirt in the sky.
a moldy beautiful cactus paddle. i love the color of it.
a longer exposure of some native plant against the sky
a strawberry milkshake spilled outside a burger joint (this picture is special because i was thinking of my Uncle Willie when i took it, because he had told me the day before that he likes the photos that i post here on my blog that are of stains... so this one is for you Uncle Willie)
pretty birds on a wall
love the color of the sky in Arizona in the evening
tree, cactus, and moon
great geometry... plus the boxy lamp and lamp post is pretty great
it was very green (i guess that there had been much more rain this year than years past)
a plane from the car
this is what Arizona is to me. i love the color of the sky against the hills, it reminds me of when i was a child and visiting almost every year.

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