Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omaha art

went to Bemis Center of Contemporary Art ( and saw some really nice work. i don't know who most of these artists are but some good work.
kind of still work, i like the subtle colors and structure of it.
these two round ones are by the head of the painting department at SAIC Michelle Grabner. the first one is silverpoint on a painted panel. it was a very nice surface, very shimmery and light. it changed while walking past it, each angle gave a different kind of look.
i think this other one is all paint.
pretty good painting, fun to look at.
this orange thing was good too, really electric kind of color and shape.
this piece is probably my favorite that i saw at the Bemis Center, really simple and like a mattress on the wall and it was installed in a hallway but very strong. not even sure how to describe it but it was a great piece.
nice texture
cool entry to the restrooms, plus a nice sculpture outside
like the multi panel work
more paint (love the movement and drips)
this was a really great neon piece in the floor. kind of funny to claim the floor...

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