Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wisconsin (Racine) smoked meats

Racine is where Shauna's sister Dawn and her husband Chris live with Paul (just over a year old) and Sarah (about a month old). we are blessed to have them so close (it only takes about an hour and half or so on the train to get up nearby and be picked up in one of their cars) it makes it possible for us to visit rather often. we have tended to eat grilled sausages quite a bit when visiting this summer and so this post is about that. plus the fact that once when visiting a grocery store there that we don't usually go to i spotted this great sign at the back of the store:
i've never noticed such a sign before! an entire wall of the store is devoted to "Smoked Meats" it made me chuckle and i had to get a picture of it.
this is Chris getting the "Grilled Meats" ready for dinner
this is Dawn (before Sarah was born) walking down the driveway with Paul. so there you have it. not sure what that means but... okay, so we are going up to Racine tomorrow to visit and attend the Wisconsin State Fair (which we did last year right after we arrived here in Chicago). one of the big draws of last year was chocolate covered bacon on a stick (it was actually pretty good!) and of course fried cheese curds, and great cream puffs (i guess that the Wisconsin fair is known for the cream puffs (worth visiting for i think)) and it was all greasy and good! this year we are excited (and a little scared) to try a hamburger with two krispy kreme doughnuts for buns... should be interesting.

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