Wednesday, August 4, 2010

millenium park

our time in the park was nice... lots of good conversation and people watching (plus some birds too). the giant mirror finish sculpture behind Max is called Cloud Gate (or the bean if you are a normal person) and it was made by Anish Kapoor. in this first picture Max is walking around up and down the stairs with his knees up by his head, seemed like the best way to walk around at the time.
so these pictures are of us interacting with Cloud Gate (it is really pretty nice public art) along with all the tourists. it is a fun place to be.
Max laying underneath and looking at the shiny surface.
being smashed by the bean.
me too
we were able to develop our ideas sitting in the fresh air at the park, enjoying the crowds of people. if you visit Chicago i recommend sitting near this spot in the park and daydreaming.

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