Wednesday, August 4, 2010


some of my favorite music ever comes from a guy from Arkansas named Dan Smith. he is the primary musician behind "Listener" ( it isn't the music for everyone i realize, but Dan's writing skills are very good and his performance is very entertaining as well. earlier in the year he was in Chicago with his bandmate Chris Nelson and i was able to see them perform two nights in a row. the first night was a house show in someones livingroom which was very fun, not too many people, just really good music! these are pictures of that first night
on the way to the show
the guys setting up
Chris Nelson playing as "Fenix" (they also brought a sound guy with them, who was touring with them at the time, so he is playing banjo)
Listener, moving too fast in poor light to get a good picture
on my way home
the second night i was able to go with my friend Brad and my brother (in law) Chris, we had a great time... if you are interested in seeing Listener, go to the website i mentioned above and there is a list of all tour dates there.


emergentjourney said...

I saw listener in Phoenix a couple years back and it was one of the most intimate rap concerts I have ever been too. Amazing.

"You're unique just like everybody else"

Dale said...

Dan and Chris will performing for us at Zoe's next week, on the 26th, for their 3rd appearance here. Are you going to be here? Probably not. I'll pretend you are. Crazy biscuit-eating gizzard head.