Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arizona (tasty divey food)

sometimes the best food comes from places like this
Freddy's Steakburgers. very thin burgers made from steak, they come with pickles, onions, mustard i think, i had a triple with cheese when i was treated (by Uncle Tim) to this great meal. the fries are super thin, sort of like shoestring potatoes and very very good!!! i'm feeling hungry just thinking about it. so if you are in Arizona (Phoenix) i recommend stopping in at Freddy's for a real greasy tasty meal!
now this next place is something of a different animal all together... RITOS Burritos (or burros as they are called)
this is the sign inside the store. the food is extraordinary, i have been eating these burros since i was about 10 i would guess. really the choices have always been "red" "green" or "bean"... the red chili is a pork chili filling the burro with shredded pork and amazing red chili flavor (a little more bitter than a green chili would be.) the green chili is chunks of pork in a great green chili sauce (i know i don't really have to describe these, but mmmmmmm they are so good!).
this is a picture of the bean burro that i split with my sister Laura, the beans are excellent, very runny but the flavor is just about perfect (obviously made with a good amount of lard)! i have to stop writing about it or i might start drooling just thinking about it. anyway, you can clearly see the address in the picture of the price board so if you need to find it, that is the most advice i can give you. thanks to Aunt Kay and Uncle Alan for taking us to get our burro fix! it was great!

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