Wednesday, August 4, 2010

drummeroni and cheese

one day when Max and i were headed home, we saw a drummer set up on the sidewalk. it was a beautiful evening:
this is the guy... Max was really impressed with his skills and was tempted to ask if he could play, but instead we just watched. i was making drawings of the drummer almost the entire time and it was great.

after a while we decided to leave so we could meet Shauna, after we got on the bus we realized that we still had some time so we went back to watch drum man. not long after we got back there a police officer told the drummer he had to pack up and get out of there because he was disrupting traffic. it was some kind of a joke, the drummer was out of the way of people walking on the sidewalk and not close enough to the road to have any impact. fortunately the drummer didn't leave but just waited for the officer to leave and then carried on with his playing. it was great free concert (though i gave him some money anyway). well worth the time to listen to some street performers.

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